Who We Are

Who We Are

Swan Medical Care Ltd provides high quality placement and support services for young people (16-18year olds) leaving care. We are dedicated to supporting young people through their transition into adulthood. We believe that every young person who is or has been in care can be a confident and positive individual trying to thrive.

At Swan Medical Care Ltd we believe that all young people have the potential to succeed in life and contribute positively to society. Unfortunately, not all young people receive the support they need to thrive but with instant and indirect intervention, these individuals can make choices that not only determine their future, but, ultimately the economic and social well-being of our nation.

Whatever the circumstance of the young person please feel free to contact us. Swan Medical Care Ltd offer an open and trusting partnership between young people and dedicated individuals who can provide guidance, support and encouragement.

What We Value

Swan Medical Care Ltd focus on building and maintaining partnerships with a number of external agencies, from local authorities through to specialist agencies who support young people to thrive in life. We focus on developing positive relationships and believe that by doing so we can provide an effective service to both local authorities and the young people working with us.

The most important aspect of our work is to ensure that we provide the young people with relevant support to meet their individual needs. We aim to deliver this service to a professionally high standard.

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